Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (2020)

To equip DPOs with basic knowledge and skills in complying with the PDPA, a three-day course –
Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (2020) – has been developed under the
Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) skills framework for ICT.
This three-day course gives course participants a good overview and understanding of the PDPA and how it may be applied to the organizations for compliance.
Join us to get started on your organization’s journey to compliance to PDPA now!

Course details

Course Overview


This course will use the PDPA WSQ standard curriculum and assessment developed by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC):

  • Overview of the Personal Data Protection Act (2012)
  • Data Protection Provisions and Do Not Call Provisions
  • Role of Data Protection Officer
    Create an Organisation’s Data Inventory Map and possible areas of non-compliance
    Dispute resolution
  • Training and communications for compliance to data protection
  • Managing data breaches
  • Communications plan and management reporting

Upon completion of this Course, participants will have the following knowledge:

  • Definition of what is personal data
  • An Organization’s processes, procedures, and guidelines of DPMP
  • Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA)
  • PDPA and the data lifecycle
  • Obligations under the PDPA
  • Accountability under the PDPA; and
  • Best practices in operationalizing PDPA.

With the above-mentioned knowledge, participants will be able to carry out the following:

  • Obtain consent to collect, use or disclose individuals’ personal data
  • Allow individuals to withdraw consent
  • Collect, use or disclose personal data only for the purpose for which consent was obtained
  • Notify individuals of the purposes for the collection, use or disclosure of their personal data
  • Correct errors or omissions in individuals’ personal data upon request
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness in the collection of personal data
  • Cease retention or anonymize personal data when it is no longer necessary for business or legal purposes


Who Should Attend:

Compliance Managers or Data Protection Officers (DPOs). Human Resource, Admin, IT
personnel, Sales and Business Development Executive /Managers who need to be
involved in data protection matters.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Classroom (face-to-face) or Online Based

Course Duration:

  •  23 hours (typically over 3 full days)

This module comes under the WSQ Skills Framework : ICT-CGP-3020-1.1 Data Protection Management-3

Course Code: TGS-2021007538 / TGS-2021007539

Upcoming Classes

Our Class Schedule: 

SEP 2022

  1. 7 to 9 (Face-to-Face)
  2. 21 to 23 (Zoom)

OCT  2022

  1. 10 to 12 (Face-to-Face)
  2. 19 to 21 (Zoom)

NOV  2022

  1. 16 to 18 (Face-to-Face)
  2. 23 to 25 (Zoom)

DEC 2022

  1. 8 to 9, 12 (Zoom)
  2. 14 to 16 (Classroom)

Class Timings

Day 1 – 9am to 6pm (includes 1 hour lunch break at 1pm)

Day 2 – 9am to 6pm (includes 1 hour lunch break at 1pm)

Day 3 – 9am to 5pm (includes 1 hour lunch break at 1pm)


There will be 2 written assignments to be taken. 1st assignment shall be 1 hour duration, at 4pm on Day 2.

2nd assignment shall be 2 hour duration, at 3pm on Day 3.

For any queries, please email us at or whatsapp us at 9457 8086.

Course Fees

Full Course Fee (no subsidy) @SGD 720* /- & SGD $750**/- 

*(for online class)

**(face-to-face class)

Here are the net fees for the following:

  1. Any Self-Sponsored Singaporean or PR aged from 21-39yrs  @SGD $360*/- &  SGD 375**/-
  2. Any Self-Sponsored Singaporean aged>=40, or *SME Company Sponsored (Any age Singaporean or PR) @ SGD $216*/- & SGD $225**/-
  3. Company-Sponsored Singaporean or PR working in *Non-SME @SGD $360*/- &  SGD 375**/-

Funding Support

Here are the types of funding support available for the course:

SSG Training Grant
Funding Period: Until 22 Aug 2023
Course Ref No.: TGS-2021007538 / TGS-2021007539

*Approved Funded Hours: 23 hours.

1. Company-Sponsored Employees
  • Company-Sponsored SME Singapore Citizens and PRs – Funding capped at up to 70% subsidy.
  • Company-Sponsored Non-SME (Singapore Citizens or PRs 21-39 years old) – Funding capped at up to 50% subsidy.
  • Company-Sponsored Non-SME (Singapore Citizens or PRs 40 years old and above) – Funding capped at up to 70% subsidy.
2. Self-Sponsored Learners
  • Singapore Citizens (40 years old and above) – Funding capped at up to 70% subsidy.
  • Singapore Citizens (21-39 years old) and PRs – Funding up to 50% subsidy capped at $15/hr.
3. SkillsFuture Credits (for Self-Sponsored)
  • Singapore Citizens (21 onwards) may use their SkillsFuture Credits to offset the nett payable course fee. find out more.
4. Absentee Payroll (for Company-Sponsored)
  • The training provider will submit on your company’s behalf your employee’s enrolment, attendance and assessment records via TPGateway. Thereafter, your employer will be notified to log into Enterprise Portal for Jobs & Skills (EPJS) to declare necessary information for Absentee Payroll funding.


Course Outline

Topics covered :

Introduction to Personal Data Protection Act

Data Protection Provisions

  1. Accountability Obligation
  2. Notification Obligation
  3. Consent Obligation
  4. Purpose Limitation Obligation
  5. Accuracy Obligation
  6. Protection Obligation
  7. Retention Limitation Obligation
  8. Transfer Limitation Obligation
  9. Access & Correction Obligation
  10. Data Breach Obligation (new)
  11. Data Portability Obligation (new)
  • Role of Data Protection Officer
  • Create an Organization’s Data Inventory Map
  • Identify Areas of Non-compliance
  • PDPA Assessment Tool for Organizations
  • Data Protection Notice Generator
  • Develop a Process for Dispute Resolution
  • Training and Communications
  • Managing Data Breaches

Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (2020)