E-Commerce Strategies and Sales

Do you know the 5Ws of promotional strategies?
With surging online sales, brands without a CLEAR e-commerce marketing strategy will continue to face headwinds brought on by shifting consumer behaviour.
Grow your market share and increase your e-commerce sales with the right strategies!
Join our workshop to learn the right e-commerce mechanics for your business and start developing compelling e-commerce marketing strategies that FOCUS on promoting the sales of your products/services.

Course details

Course Overview

[A Digital Strategy Core Module]


This module covers the mechanics of executing and managing measurable multi-channel e-commerce campaigns based on promotional strategies, campaign funneling strategies and data analytics formulated according to customer types and market groups unique to B2C, B2B and marketplace e-commerce retail models.

Course Highlights:

  1. Strengthen proficiency in the fundamentals of e-commerce campaign strategies based on the latest e-commerce trends, tools, processes and best practices
  2. Acquire technical knowledge of campaign performance on major marketplace platforms including Lazda, Shopee and Amazon
  3. Design, formulate, refine and implement multi-channel e-commerce campaigns using social media outreach, drip strategies and omnichannel retailing methods
  4. Improve data analysis and interpretation abilities to correctly identify root causes of underperformance, narrow target gaps and implement corrective measures
  5. Improve e-commerce campaign visibility and competitiveness with pricing strategies, volume strategies and engagement strategies

Who Should Attend:

Business Leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Mid-Career Professionals and Executives moving into supervisory roles that require e-commerce marketing knowledge and promotional skills.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Synchronous E-learning (Online) / Face-to-Face (Classroom)

Course Duration:

  •  24 hours (typically over 3 full days)

This module comes under the WSQ Skills Framework : RET-PCM-4002-1.1 E-Commerce Campaign Management

Course Code: TGS-2021008021 /TGS-2022010770

Upcoming Classes

Class Schedule

Delivery mode – Synchronous E-learning

24 June 2022 (9am to 6pm) (inclusive of 1hr lunch break)

27 June 2022 (9am to 6pm) (inclusive of 1hr lunch break)

28 June 2022 (9am to 6pm) (inclusive of 1hr lunch break)

For any queries, please email us at admin@acctrainacademy.com.sg or WhatsApp us at  9457 8086.

Course Fees

Full Course Fee (no subsidy) @SGD $940 /-

Here are the net fees for the following:

  1. Any Self-Sponsored Singaporean or PR aged from 21-39yrs  @SGD $470/-
  2. Any Self-Sponsored Singaporean aged>=40, or *SME Company-Sponsored (Any age Singaporean or PR) @ SGD $282/-
  3. Company-Sponsored Singaporean or PR working in *Non-SME @ SGD $470/-

Funding Support

Here are the types of funding support available for the course:

SSG Training Grant
Funding Period: Until 11 Jan 2024
Course Ref No.: TGS-2021008021/ TGS-2022010770

*Approved funded hours: 24 hours.

1. Company-Sponsored Employees
  • Company-Sponsored SME Singapore Citizens and PRs – Funding capped at up to 70% subsidy.
  • Company-Sponsored Non-SME (Singapore Citizens or PRs 21-39 years old) – Funding capped at up to 50% subsidy.
  • Company-Sponsored Non-SME (Singapore Citizens or PRs 40 years old and above) – Funding capped at up to 70% subsidy.
2. Self-Sponsored Learners
  • Singapore Citizens (40 years old and above) – Funding capped at up to 70% subsidy.
  • Singapore Citizens (21-39 years old) and PRs – Funding up to 50% subsidy capped at $15/hr.
3. SkillsFuture Credits (for Self-Sponsored)
  • Singapore Citizens (21 onwards) may use their SkillsFuture Credits to offset the nett payable course fee. find out more.
4. Absentee Payroll (for Company-Sponsored)
  • The training provider will submit on your company’s behalf your employee’s enrolment, attendance and assessment records via TPGateway. Thereafter, your employer will be notified to log into Enterprise Portal for Jobs & Skills (EPJS) to declare necessary information for Absentee Payroll funding.

Course Outline

Topics covered :

    1. Fundamentals of E-Commerce Business
    2. Campaign Call-to-Action
    3. Customer Types and E-Commerce Models
    4. E-Commerce Campaign Promotional Strategies
    5. E-Commerce Campaign Strategy Formulation
    6. E-Commerce Campaign Stages and Management
    7. Developing an E-Commerce Campaign Plan
    8. Measuring Campaign Performance and Effectiveness
    9. Converting Data into Action
    10. Channel and Partner Management in Campaigns

E-Commerce Strategies and Sales